The numerical analysis of cross-section effect on VIV performance of a pivoted cylinder.

CFD simulations were carried out for a constant inlet velocity of 0.01 m/s. Three sets of simulations were carried out base on the spring stiffness. In each set, five different cross sections for the cylinder is used and the variation of the arm length is considered by using seven different arm lengths. The sections are as follows:

The finite-volume based open-source computational fluid dynamics library OpenFOAM is used to perform the numerical simulation of the flow field around the cylinder and solving the equation of the cylinder body motion. For the unsteady nature of VIV, PimpleDyMFoam solver is used which is a transient solver for turbulent incompressible flow on a moving mesh utilizing the PIMPLE (merged PISO-SIMPLE) algorithm. The flow flied around the cylinder is recorded in Paraview in post processing:


Egg shape


Reversed egg shape


Reversed triangle

Reuleaux triangle

Reversed reuleaux triangle


You can download the OpenFoam cases for pivot point at -0.15 from here